The Best Car Accessories For Teenagers

The Best Car Accessories

The Best Car Accessories

If someone you know has just passed his/her driving test, there are many cool car accessories for teens that you can pick for him/her. When picking car accessories for teenagers, you should note that although there is a general view that cheap is expensive, expensive does not always mean better when it comes to accessories. This is because some companies selling these accessories hike their prices just to give the perception that they are selling better accessories. The best place to buy cool car accessories for teens is over the internet because you get to compare prices, meaning you are more likely to get the best accessories at a good price, you will buy the accessories at your convenience since you do not need to leave the comfort of your home or office and because you can buy 24/7, all year round, and because your anonymity will be guaranteed, meaning you can give the accessory as a surprise.

To get the best car accessories for a teen, you should know about the likes and the dislikes of the teen. Boys and girls will not be happy with the same accessories and you should put this into account. You should also consider the age, the type of the car,

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and the longevity of the accessory. Instead of an expensive gadget, you should consider car detailing as a gift. Car detailing is all about doing a thorough cleaning on the car – this is particularly important on older cars.

Finding Cheap Car Tires

Car Tires

Car Tires

There is no escaping the fact that you have to buy new tires from time to time. For most people it seems way too often. Since it is a recurring expense you want to get the best price possible. Your tires influence the way your car handles which affects the safety of your car, so you need to buy tires that keep you safe as well. So, we are definitely talking about finding tires that are cheap, as in not expensively priced and not cheap as, in low quality here.

Minimum Safety Standards

Can you find “cheap” tires for your car that are safe? Absolutely! Actually, there are minimum safety standards that all tires have to meet so you can be assured your tires will at least meet those. The only other concern you will have is how long the tires will last. With proper rotation you will be able to extend the life of the tires, so it is important to be especially diligent about it when buying cheap car tires.

Car Audio Systems – Top 5 Factors

Car Audio Systems

Car Audio Systems

When buying car audio systems there are many factors to consider such as the subwoofer quality or the watts output of the speakers. Having a in-dash stereo system for music or general radio is common practice with all cars. This way you can listen to whatever you want when you are stuck in traffic jams behind the steering wheel for hours.

Its an important car part

When purchasing any car part you have a list of factors that you consider which usually involves comparing the cost against the performance of the component. This is no different from buying entertainment equipment. If you are not clued up on buying portable entertainment equipment which aims to mimic the quality of home theater systems then read on for my top 5 factors to consider when buying car audio systems.

Ford looks to simplify things

Ford has built its immensely successful range around practicality, durability and affordability. It also seems as if the driver’s interests are always put first by Ford engineers from the fun-driving experience, value for money and practicality across the board. Ford is continuing this trend by listening to customers about simplifying the in-cabin entertainment functionality in all of its range to make life easier.

Joe from Mcdougal & Breen says the car maker has always been at the forefront of pushing vehicles on to the next technological level. But has been forced to take a step back after complaints from customers about complicated gadgetry. A lot of drivers feel that the touch-screen central control console is just too complicated and fiddly to use when driving around and can become a danger. To this end, Ford is going to reintroduce dials and buttons to improve ease-of-use for owners, but will not be completely dropping the touch screen interface.

This move comes hot on the heels of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announcement that touch screen dashboards are too distracting for drivers. It feels that only a limited amount of information or actions should be made available when in motion to limit the amount of interaction and stop distractions becoming frequent.

Ford’s SYNC and MyFord Touch systems were installed in eighty per cent of models sold in 2013 and Ford say that the majority of drivers are happy with how they perform. However, these systems are thought to be the main reason in Ford slipping down the customer satisfaction table year on year; which is hugely disappointing for a company that prides itself on working on behalf of its customers.

Raj Nair, Ford’s Vice-President of Engineering for Global Product Development, admitted that the reason for the change of heart has been owners complaining that the touch screen options make it difficult to perform simple tasks; such as changing the radio station or volume. He revealed that Ford spends “a lot of time with customers to find out what exactly are the areas that are bothering them”, which has led to the reintroduction of physical controls.

But, if you are looking at buying a used Ford in Newcastle you will be quite safe with touch screen tech only really coming into force in the last few years. So, you should be guaranteed an easy console to navigate with the old-fashioned, but reliable buttons and simple dials.

DIY Car Detailing

            Getting your car detailed can make your car feel brand new again, but it can also be pricey. Detailing your car can be cost efficient and a great opportunity to get your car clean exactly when you want it clean. To start detailing your car you will first need to purchase all the necessary items. Some of the items aren’t always necessary, but if you want to do a full detailing then you will need each of the following:

  • Hose
  • Outdoor vacuum
  • Compressed air
  • Window cleaner
  • Mild all-purpose cleaner
  • Car wash soap
  • Sponges and towels
  • Bucket
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Duster
  • Wet-vac
  • Carpet shampoo or foam cleaner
  • Leather or vinyl cleaner
  • Leather brush
  • Wheel cleaner or degreaser
  • Whitewall tire cleaner
  • Liquid clay bar
  • Car wax

Preparing your car:

            After you’ve bought all of the necessary items to clean your vehicle, you need to prepare it to clean the interior. First, remove all personal items and trash from the interior including the trunk. It can be helpful to bring out a trash bag and a storage bin to organize the things that will go back into your car after your done cleaning, like jumper cables, etc. Once the car is cleared it is time to take out all car mats and seat covers including the rubber and carpet mats. Set these aside until you begin vacuuming and washing the carpets.

Cleaning the interior:

            Now that you are ready to clean the interior of your vehicle, it is important to always remember to start at the top and work your way to the bottom. This helps improve your efficiency when cleaning. As you clean the top sections of your car things will fall to the bottom, which you can get to after. Start with the interior side of the windows and mirrors by using a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth. Then using a duster, a mild all-purpose cleaner and compressed air, clean the non-fabric parts and vents. The compressed air will allow you to clean the hard to reach areas like small a/c vents and storage compartments.

            Once you are finished cleaning the upper non-fabric areas it is time to vacuum the seats and floor as well as the floor mats. It is important to note that leather seats and fabric seats should be dealt with differently. To clean fabric seats use a foam cleaner or carpet shampoo to get stains out. Wet the stains and rub out with the cleaner. Make sure to use a wet-vac to remove all water from the fabric. Excessive water can cause mold and mildew. Repeat this with carpeted floors throughout your interior and carpet floor mats. For leather seats you can use a leather or vinyl cleaner and rubbed with a leather brush. After cleaning stain then wipe away cleaner and water with a microfiber cloth.

            While you are cleaning the seats and floors you can also take car of the mats. Rubber mats can be vacuumed and then sprayed with a hose. If this doesn’t do the trick, soap and a cloth should get the tougher messes out no problem. Either leave these out to fully dry before putting them back into your vehicle, or remove all excess water with the wet-vac. Cleaning the carpet mats is the same as cleaning fabric seats and the floors, just make sure they are also fully dried before placed back into the car.

Cleaning the Exterior:

            Once the interior is almost looking brand new, you can move onto the exterior. Starting with a good ole’ fashion car wash. This can be done using sponges, a hose and some car wash soap. Too often we hear of people using dish soap or other household products on their car that can strip the paint and actually damage the exterior. It is best to invest in some good car soap before attempting your at home car wash. Once you have washed the exterior you can use the glass cleaner and microfiber cloth to clean the exterior windows and mirrors. If there are tougher stains on the exterior such as tree sap, a liquid clay bar is most effective.

            Next move on to the tires. Start with the rims by using the wheel cleaner or degreaser, this is where most of the dirt and grim accumulates. The product may need to sit for a few minutes before you start brushing away the dirt. If you start by spraying each tire with product, the first tire should be ready to be cleaned by the time you finish applying the cleaner to each tire. It is important to note that chrome wheels may need a metal polish or glass cleaner rather than the standard tire cleaner. All tires can be cleaned with a whitewall tire cleaner; once you apply this cleaner and let it sit it will give a nice matte result.

            If you are still feeling ambitious after cleaning the interior and exterior of your car on your own, you can also tidy up under the hood and wax the exterior of your car. These are hefty jobs and it is important to prepare before hand to do a correct job. Waxing is not an easy task, especially when it comes to rotary buffers, which should be left to the professionals.

Written by Marc Laferierre, owner of Dents Unlimited. Dents Unlimited is a full service auto repair shop in Columbia, MO

Things to Keep In Mind When Purchasing Car Tires

Car Tires

Car Tires

Choosing the right type of tires to get a auto is usually a busy procedure. There are numerous fatigue suppliers that leave wheels nowadays. Every manufacturer claims to be the best at what they do. Nevertheless, you cannot quick head on to the exhaust shop and buy a new exhaust seems very good. You have to consider a handful of points just before purchasing one.

You need to be knowledgeable of your vehicle wheel size before going to acquire a single. Every single auto features a different wheel size fitted in it and choosing an inaccurate auto dimension can result in troubles. Usually individuals elect to put in more substantial wheels on their own vehicles. The automobile may well look really good, nevertheless the exhaust might not execute because it should. It is observed that this sort of misfit four tires possibly degrade quickly, hence costing you income.

When you consider varying your car tires, you ought to change every one of them collectively. Regardless of whether a single tire takes a adjust, lowering wait till the majority of the tires of your respective vehicle need replacing. Creating a exhaust that isn’t of the existence because relaxation set up on the car might not ensure you the functionality a person seek out.

You should think of getting wheels that will withstand distinct climatic conditions if you regularly commute making use of your vehicle. The reason behind this can be that your particular wheels may work ideally from the area you live within however if you simply plan on going to a metropolis which has a very cold local weather, your own car tires is not going to perform the means they must. Should you require touring on highways at large rates, you should obtain wheels which might be worthy of give you powerful all year round. Other kinds of four tires may not succeed about high rates of speed and may wind up filled on the highway.Choosing the proper type of auto tires for a auto could be a hectic treatment. There are several fatigue companies that leave auto tires currently. Each manufacturer claims to be the best from what they do. Nonetheless, you can’t simply go to the wheel keep and buy a new exhaust that looks great. You should think about couple of things prior to getting one.

Car Tires

Car Tires

You ought to be familiar with your car wheel dimension before you go to purchase 1. Each car includes a different fatigue dimensions installed about it and choosing the wrong car dimensions can result in troubles. Usually individuals choose to set up more substantial wheels on their own autos. The automobile may look really good, however the exhaust might not exactly carry out because it should. It is observed that this kind of misfit four tires sometimes break fast, thus squandering your funds.

As soon as you contemplate altering your car tires, you must alter these together. Regardless of whether one particular wheel needs a alter, you should try to wait till a lot of the auto tires of the vehicle wear out. Having a exhaust that is not the exact same life because the relaxation installed on the vehicle might not exactly assure you the performance a person seek out.

You should consider purchasing four tires that can withstand various climatic conditions in case you often commute with your automobile. The reason behind this really is that your auto tires may work preferably within the area you reside throughout but if you consider seeing a town having a snowy weather, your own car tires is not going to carry out the method they must. If you require journeying about freeways with high data transfer rates, you should obtain four tires which are fitted to give you high performance all year round. Other wheels might not exactly

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perform well about higher data transfer rates and could end up filled traveling.

How do hybrids actually work?

The market for hybrid vehicles in the UK and Europe is expanding rapidly as more people appreciate the need to reduce their motoring bills and look after the environment. Advances in technology have ensured that plug-in vehicles and petrol-hybrid cars, such as those available at Inchcape Toyota Oxford, can now be seriously considered by a wide cross-section of motorists. According to data published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers, registrations of hybrid and plug-in vehicles during 2013 rose by 20.5 per cent on the previous year, with a total of new 32,715 models taking to roads in the UK.

But how do hybrid vehicles actually work? Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive is described as a full hybrid system. The vehicle features two motors that are capable of working in unison – one is a combustion engine that’s powered by petrol and the other is an electric motor that’s fuelled by battery power. The petrol and battery motors can be used separately or together to power the car. The key is to know which motor to use in order to produce the best level of performance, keep emissions low and fuel consumption down. And it’s the fuel savings and reduction in emissions that has attracted so many people to hybrids in recent years. Toyota’s figures suggest that sales of its hybrids have produced approximately 18 million fewer tons of CO2 emissions than those of comparable petrol-powered vehicles.

As usual, the petrol motor needs to be fed with fuel from the petrol pumps, while the electric motor is charged when the car is in motion and also when the driver brakes. Traditionally, a car will lose energy in the form of heat under braking. With hybrid vehicles this energy is captured and used to charge the onboard battery. This is known as a regenerative braking system. One of the major benefits of having a battery that is charged under normal driving conditions and during braking is that it never needs to be plugged into the mains. There’s no need to have a specialist power outlet fitted at home or worry about running out of charge while you’re on the road.

 The use of additional technology such as stop/start systems are also becoming more common. The idea is to maximise fuel savings by turning the vehicle’s engine off while the car is stationary, for example while it is at a junction, in a queue or waiting at a set of traffic lights. When it’s time to move on again the engine is automatically restarted.

Hybrid technology is becoming more advanced all the time and going by car industry figures, we should expect to see a lot more hybrid vehicles on the roads in the coming years.

5 Questions Every Tire Customer Should Ask

When you walk into a shop with auto and tire professionals, it’s normal to feel a little reserved. Especially for those of you first time tire customers out there, purchasing tires can be an overwhelming and nerve-racking experience.

Unfortunately, some can also leave the shop feeling dissatisfied with the service or prices. A poll of 5,400 people from Consumer Reports showed that 27 percent weren’t happy with the car maintenance and repair service they received. In addition, 38 percent felt the price was too high while 28 percent said their vehicle job was not done right.

As a consumer, it is important that you have the knowledge base and confidence to ask questions that will help you avoid future dissatisfaction at your local auto tire.

However, doing your homework is an absolute priority. You can find tire information online at Tires 101. Once you know what tires are best suited for your car, you will be better prepared to speak with the sales associate.

1. Are my current tires the best tires for my vehicle?

Depending on your vehicle, you could need seasonal tires, mixing tires or performance tires. Sports cars require high performance tires whereas other cars require seasonal tires to make it through whatever challenges Mother Nature brings.

2. What are the best tires that match my driving habits and my price?

Whether you’re a speed demon or a snail behind the wheel, it is important to inform the sales associate of your driving habits. You want to let them know as many details as possible about what conditions you typically drive in, how far you typically drive, as well as how often you drive. Also, be up front about how much you’re willing to spend on tires. This is a nice subtle way to let the sales associate know you mean business and you won’t end up spending more than you can afford.

3. Can you give me a pricing tier of my tire type with three choices?

Don’t let the term pricing tier intimidate you, because you’ve seen it before. All of the buy-three-get-one-free deals out there are tier pricing. In general, tier pricing is a promotional tool that encourages shoppers to buy larger quantities of a product by applying discounts based on the quantity ordered. You want to ask about these things to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Plus, the sales associate will appreciate your wanting to help them move out more of their merchandise.

4. What is the mileage warranty (if any) of my new tires?

Everyone wants the best bang for their buck. You want to make sure the product your getting is going to take you as far as you want to go for as long as you need it to. Today, mileage warranties range from 30,000 miles to 100,000 miles. Road conditions and other geographic influences across the country affect the warranted tire mileage you receive. Keep in mind while tread life warranties seem straightforward, they are a limited warranty. Your job as the consumer is to complete specific maintenance requirements to keep the warranty in force.

5. Is my tire manufacturer highly reputable?

Asking this question will allow you to gain greater insight from the sales associate. Typically, these individuals are well informed of the practices and standards manufactures have when making their products. It is important that when you leave you feel confident not only in the services you received but in the products that will now

Now, armed with this information, you can confidently walk into your next auto and tire professional shop ready to make a smart purchase.

Written by the staff at KB Tire & Auto. KB Tire & Auto is the leading expert in auto repair Moberly MO has to offer.